Smartmotor Rolls-Royce Marine

As a natural continuation of Rolls-Royce Marine AS acquisition of SmartMotor AS in 2013, SmartMotor is now merged into Rolls-Royce Marine AS.

As a part of Rolls-Royce we will belong in the Department for Electrical Automation & Control, and become the Electrical Machines team. Our location will be listed in the public company registry in Norway as Rolls-Royce Marine AS Trondheim.

The focus of the site in Trondheim will continue to be on permanent magnet machines and control.

Address: Rolls-Royce Marine AS Trondheim, Jarleveien 8A, 7041 Trondheim

CTO / Sales Sigurd Øvrebø +47 92 28 76 70
Sales Espen Schüller Minothi +47 41 26 64 66
Site Manager Inge Nordsteien +47 92 20 34 07